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COVID-19 is pretty easy to denature but it’s hard to treat every surface with typical sterilization techniques. Here at PureAir TN we use the same Dry Fog equipment used to sterilize hospital operating rooms and drug manufacturing facilities around the world. Our Dry Fog technology delivers sterilant and antimicrobial to 100% of a given space – no surface is left untreated. This is what separates PureAir TN from its’ competition – our process results in 100% coverage.

The EPA-registered cold sterilant utilized by PureAir TN has passed EPA testing proving its effectiveness against Human Coronavirus, and the product has an expedited submission to have this information added to the products EPA label.

The second part of our pathogen treatment entails applying an antimicrobial that provides a 90-day protective barrier against viruses. It does so with a silica-based covalent bond and carbon spikes with a positively charged ion that draws the negatively charged virus to the surface where the virus cell is denatured.

For your sterilization needs, call Pure Air TN. We don’t miss; your space will be 100% sterilized and protected against future encounters.

Benefits of PureAir TN

1. Veteran Owned and Operated
2. Licensed to perform services related to COVID-19 through the TN Department of Agriculture
with a special C14 Charter License (This is public knowledge, published by TN Department of
3. Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certified

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